this war don't determine who's right

I am chilling at home alone, waking up past noon and eating my homemade french toast. I’ve got nothing to do other than jogging to Toa Payoh later in the evening.

I just love this doing-nothing life :)

posted 10 months ago

So I finished 50 episodes and 100+ chapters in the span of 1 week

I’ve cleared Chimera Ant Arc after 5 years of not touching this fandom

I have no life

posted 1 year ago

I just cleared the Yorknew City arc in less than 2 days???


posted 1 year ago

Lately I feel like I need a new obsession

So I’m going to start watching Hunter x Hunter again

Fingers crossed I’m going to fall madly in love with this series again

posted 1 year ago
  • it’s 3 am here
  • I only had 1 hour of sleep and now I’m wide awake idek
  • I tried listening to songs so I’d sleep again
  • but so far it’s failing
  • cause I actually feel like singing and dancing
  • and I’m in danger of embarrassing myself
  • so yeah
  • Tumblr it is
  • idk I’m sure I’m going to hate myself later
  • do people still write text point in bullet format nowadays????
  • um idk whatever
  • bye???
posted 1 year ago

Nothing pisses me off more than a lecturer who won’t answer to your e-mails and a unit where the exam resources are just not sufficient enough for those who are trying to practice to get better understanding

They say that it’s all up to you when you’re in uni but what if you actually want to do it and they’re the reason why you can’t do what you want to do???

posted 1 year ago

You guys

I started watching Hannibal

and I just


posted 1 year ago

Hi I’m supposed to be revising

but here I am blogging about Star Trek because I just finished watching it a few hours ago (and I’m currently madly in love with it uGH)

blogging about GoT even though I couldn’t bring myself to watch ep. 9

and I wanted to do nothing but to go home and start to watch Hannibal and just do whatever the fuck I want (read: not studying)

what is my life right now

posted 1 year ago